How to Use Automation to Anticipate and Troubleshoot Slow VDI Logons

Live Webinar • Tuesday, Nov 12th • 1pm EDT




Yemi Lediju 

Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies

You have spent significant time and money deploying your virtual workspaces out to your end users. Yet instead of receiving praise for a job well done, you are hearing constant complaints how Citrix is slow and poor session performance is hindering your workforce’s ability to be productive. The time is now to think differently. Stop reacting to end-user performance complaints, and become proactive by leveraging embedded intelligence and automation to better anticipate and troubleshoot slow logon times before an end user even has time to notice an issue exists. Join our 30 minute webinar and learn three tips to turn your IT organization from a reactive, to a proactive state and avoid end-user virtual workspace performance issues all together.